The Journal

It was an old wish of the lecturers at the Department of Arabic Language and Literature at the University of Haifa to run an annual periodical, in which they can publish some of their researches which they conduct in various fields of the Arabic language and literature. In 1980, such a wish became a truth once the first volume of al-Karmil was published.

The first editors of al-Karmil wanted their colleagues from outside the University of Haifa and also from various universities in the world to send their papers to be published in their journal. Among the first scholars who was interested in such an idea was the French Charles Pellat, who sent his article on the "Muru'a" (virility) to al-Karmil, and it was published in the first volume.

Al-Karmil is a refereed journal. Since 2004-2005, it became a bilingual journal which publishes articles in Arabic and in European languages. The journal deals with various aspects of the Arabic language, literature, civilization, and religion, both in the classical and the modern periods. In every volume, there are a few pages reserved for reviews. In addition, there is a series of books which are published as a supplement to this journal.

Al-Karmil was digitized by Younes & Soraya Nazarian Library at the University of Haifa